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Who does the painting and who will supervise the job? Luciano Brothers Painting has a foreman on each job that is responsible for directing 2 to 3 other painters. The foreman, or the project manager, will check-in with you on a Daily basis to give you a progress report and address any concerns. How do your prices compare to those of your competitors? You’ll often find that painting contractors have a wide range of prices. Generally speaking, our prices are usually within 10% of the other bids that our customers receive. Sometimes we’re the lower bid and sometimes we’re the higher. If a price seems excessively high or low, make sure you understand exactly what you’re buying and who you’re buying from. It does cost more to use a licensed contractor who will properly prepare surfaces before painting and use quality products rather than one who is unlicensed or rushes the work. Make sure to call several references and compare bids in an “apples to apples” comparison. Once you start my project, will you also be working on other projects? Once we start your home, the crew will be there until the project is complete. What happens if it rains? If it rains, we will pack up until it is OK to resume your project and then we will continue on your home until we finish. Do you protect our furnishings and clean up when you’re done? Yes. Before we begin, we will organize a place where we can stack our ladders and store our tools at the end of the day. We cover furniture and floors indoors and when we paint exteriors we cover plants, decks, roofs, etc... Do you clean up when you’re done? We clean up every day and at the end of the project we dispose of all of the rubbish. Do you have references? Yes. We have some testimonials right here on our website. However, if you call or email us, we’ll send you a list of people in your neighborhood who we have done work for. Also, when you set up a free estimate with Luciano Brothers Painting, you will receive a list of references. Do you have a warranty? Yes. Your paint job comes with two warranties. The paint stores and manufacturers warranty their products, and Luciano Brothers Painting warranties the workmanship. Make sure to ask about the various grades of paint and their respective warranties. Luciano Brothers Painting has a comprehensive 2 year warranty. We will stand by our work. The proposal we provide with our estimate will include the written warranty. Like you, we do not like all of the fine print that follows most warranties, so here are the details of ours: We will repair any vertical surfaces where paint is peeling, blistering, cracking or bubbling because of improper application or exterior moisture for up to five years after the date your project was completed. Walked on surfaces cannot be warrantied because they typically must be re-finished every couple of years and because traffic on those surfaces can wear the paint/stain prematurely. However, we will take the time to properly seal and protect your deck and give you information on how to best maintain it. Are you licensed, bonded and insured? Yes. Luciano Brothers Painting is licensed in Washington. We carry insurance with $2,000,000 in aggregate coverage. What do I do if there is damaged drywall inside or rotten boards outside? Before we paint any surface, we will inspect it and prepare it to be painted. We can repair drywall damage and if there are rotten boards that we cannot fix, we can repair the damaged areas. What type of paint do you use? We can use any of the major brands, but typically we use Miller Paint and Sherwin Williams Paint. Some customers opt to use Benjamin Moore, or Rodda. We are comfortable using almost any brand, but we would want to identify your painting needs before selecting a paint product. There can be huge differences in paint costs and performance. We can also use paint from the larger home improvement stores, but we can get higher quality paint for lower prices at stores that specialize in selling paint products. What do I have to do to get ready for the painters? For exterior projects, we will arrange a time when we can wash your home and paint test patches of color on your home. We will also discuss with you which plants may need to be trimmed. We consider your pets and young children’s nap times before we start any work. For interior projects we only ask that you move delicate items off of the walls and from furniture we will need to move. We will move and replace the furniture, window treatments and switch plates. Why should I hire Luciano Brothers Painting? We aim to exceed every client’s expectations. We know our competitors and we aim to exceed them in every important category. We have a warranty that stands apart. We leave your home more tidy than when we arrived. Our customers trust us around their families and in their homes. You will get the benefits associated with a large company: Competitive pricing and a licensed, bonded and insured contractor. And, you’ll enjoy the perks of hiring a local contractor: A hands-on, easily accessible owner who knows every customer by name. We want to be the best in our field and in our market. Click here to see our clear mission, vision and the set of values that guide our company. What if I have a problem after the project is complete? You don’t have to worry. You can look to our written warranty to handle most issues. If you notice the problem soon after the project has been completed, we will come right back and take care of the issue. If it’s something that you notice during the rainy season, we’ll be there as soon as weather permits. Other than painting, what services do you offer? In addition to painting your home, we can arrange to clean windows, power-wash driveways and walkways, install materials to keep birds from nesting, remove moss, replace rotten boards and many other handyman tasks. If there is something you can’t reach, or need help doing, we’re there to help. We want to be the company who takes care of your home, inside and out.
We show up on time. We clean up thoroughly. We treat your property and family with respect. That’s our promise!
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