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  t Luciano Brothers Painting we stand for integrity, honesty, punctuality and cleanliness. We believe in building lasting, long term relationships with our clients, and have since1999. Adrian and Efrain, the owners of Luciano Brothers Painting, have many years of experience in the painting industry, and are certified by the Western Regional Lead Center to work on older structures containing lead based paint. The Luciano Brothers adamantly strive for high quality work. The Luciano Brother’s eye for detail, and desire for perfection, have been a true, and undeniable asset in the painting profession. With Luciano Brothers Painting, you will feel the pride that our team has in their work, from the time you call for your free estimate, to the completion of your painting job. Our company is family owned and family run. Our team is trained and experienced in the entire process of prepping and painting, both home interiors, and exteriors. The goal of our entire staff is for Luciano Brothers Painting to be the best home painting company serving the Clark County, and southwest Washington area. We provide extremely high quality service at a very competitive price.
Adrian & Efrain Luciano Luciano Brothers Painting
Mission Luciano Brothers Painting is dedicated to serving our client’s home maintenance needs with professionalism, honesty and reliability. We intend to make painting and light home maintenance projects accessible and friendly for every homeowner. We promise industry leading warranties, services and products, while keeping prices competitive. Vision We will be the most visible and reliable residential and light commercial painting and home maintenance company in the Portland/Vancouver area. We seek to become homeowners’ first choice for home maintenance projects and to set the standard for professionalism in our industry. Values We believe in individual attention to each customer. We will provide the job that best fits each customer’s individual home maintenance needs. We will work to impress every customer. Empathy We will treat each homeowner as we would like to be treated. We will be fair, responsive, approachable and accessible. Honesty We will provide reliable and responsible information to our clients, so they can make intelligent decisions about their home maintenance projects. Dependability We will stand by our work. Our 2 year written warranty and our good standing in the community, bolster customers’ trust in us.
Luciano Brothers Painting is committed to providing customers with a superior experience, before, during, and after the work. We are dedicated to ensuring that the experience is easy, efficient, and hassle free, and we are committed to giving you the best overall customer experience. We are leaders in our industry, striving to be the best in the business. Our employees are a proud group of people who enjoy, and take pride in, their work.  We are licensed, bonded and insured, providing you with the peace of mind that you are dealing with a licensed contractor. If you are looking for painters, who have excellent product knowledge, and vast experience of providing superior painting solutions, look no further than Luciano Brothers Painting.  Whether it is about the latest range of painting materials, or the innovative techniques, and style we use, you will find our team of Painters the best.  We value our customers, and ensure optimum satisfaction for them. Please direct any customer service inquiries to us via our contact page, email at: or we can be reached by phone by calling: 360-487-6008 in Vancouver, or 503-784-0558 in Portland Receive an estimate from an experienced, trustworthy painting professional.  Recognized  for excellence, hire with confidence with Luciano Brothers Painting, where the customer always comes first.  We look forward to serving you, and please feel free to contact us with any suggestions!
We show up on time. We thoroughly clean up. We treat your property and family with respect. That’s our promise!
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